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August update: So done with summer

Today is supposedly the last hot day of summer. I really, really hope that’s true. Some people will probably cry out in horror right now, but there you go. Me personally, I’m sick and tired of summer.

Right now we have yet another heat combined with high humidity which makes things even worse. It’s like living in a sauna. Keep in mind I live in a country where ACs are not common and way too expensive energy-wise for most people.

The humidity is the worst. I feel as if the all energy is sucked right out of me. My body also doesn’t like the combination of heat and humidity. I spent more of the weekend down with migraine and headache, in addition to feeling completely drained and exhausted.

I’ll be glad when the temperatures go down by at least 10°. They’ve also predicted rain and if you ask me, I would be happy if it rained for a whole week.

The air outside smells burnt. No fires, just this scorched earth smell of naked earth. The plants on my balcony have heat-damage even though I tried to water them religiously. The ones that dealt best with the heat were my sempervivums (no surprise there) and my geraniums.

Of course, considering my issues with heat, it makes so much sense that I live in one of the hottest areas of Germany and not somewhere cooler like an island in the middle of the North Sea.

I’m not really looking forward to autumn mostly because of the lack of light but anything will be better than this heat.

The things I am looking forward too are new wine and onion-cake. And pumpkins and fresh apples. I already picked up a first batch of new apples and they were just lovely. There’s not much that’s better than a fresh apple.

I also do like the way the woods turn all colorful and misty. I like fog and the diluted light that comes with it. That’s always a good atmosphere for writing.

It might be a good idea to start walking again and take photographs. Autumn, like spring, is always a good season for stunning photographs.

Thanks to the heat and resulting headaches and migraines I haven’t done much writing this month. Just getting work done was tough enough. I’ve mostly just poked at the two novellas I was supposed to be working on and spent some time admiring their covers (cover-reveal once I’m closer to a release date). I hope that now with September and cooler weather ahead of us, I’ll get more writing done.

Thinks you can look forward to: mild BDSM threesome, werewolves with mating drive, and another installment in the Rough Games-series.

Where I’m at

Finally an update. I love blogging but I’m also really bad at it, as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t blogged for months and months.

There are numerous reasons for this extensive silence. Winter was really bad with a mixture of SAD and my normal troubles with depression. My other job (the one that actually pays the rent and puts food on the table) took up most of my spoons. It’s much easier to simply pop up on twitter or facebook for a few brief updates/chats instead of writing a lengthy blog-post.

The heatwave is hopefully behind us. The last week was simply miserable. The heat just drained me of energy and made it really hard to concentrate of things. How do people who live in climates with such temperatures manage? Without air conditioning, I mean? They must have in the past and many still do.

At one point the temperature in my apartment was around 32° (89/90°F) despite the fact that I had all windows closed and blinds pulled. But it is directly under the roof and I have sun the whole day long. The sun just moves from one corner of the apartment of the other. Of course, this is Germany, so there’s no air condition as well. Most of the time we don’t need it, but every summer there are a few days (or weeks) where I’m contemplating moving into my car which has AC. Even the underground parking garage was warm. Although the basement was notably cooler than my apartment.

Yesterday was the first bearable day of July and I used it to get some work done and even do some writing. Heat is really a creativity killer.

Let’s talk about something more fun. Writing. And current projects. As usual I’m working on several things at once and managed to get nothing really done. There is that problem of the day only having 24 hours and I need sleep and have to work and

I’m taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo this month and my project is part three of the Rough Games series. Bran and Derrick are back at it and this time they might have to deal with Bran’s well-meant stupidity. People who follow me on twitter might have an idea what this is all about. I’m also working on the idea for a novel for those two and how they met and fell in love. That requires a bit more research. At least the way my brain works and the way I see the story unfold in my brain.

Other projects include two longish novellas (not sure if they’ll be long enough to be called novels). One a contemporary ménage and the other one with werewolves. I already have the covers for those two so there will be a cover-reveal coming up soonish. I hope.

Translations are also a topic. I’m almost done with the English-German translation of Rough Trade and should get it finished this week. Hopefully my German editor has time to work on it once I’m done with the translation.

Next should be either Rough Care or Forging Change. I haven’t decided yet. Any preferences from potential German readers?

Having some distance to the text helps with getting into the right mental frame to do a translation but it’s still a rather interesting but also strange experience. The temptation to go back to the story and fiddle around some more, change something here and something there is so huge. But, I usually try to not edit published books unless someone points out typos or other glaring errors.

So, that’s my current status. The plan is to blog more often and regularly. Maybe do one of these status-updates once a month or so.

Forging Change (Dwarves of Quatnu)

ANForgingChangeKleinOstracized and shunned, due to a mysterious illness that has left him in constant pain and with a limp, Elin, crown prince of the dwarven kingdom Quatnu doesn’t believe he has much of a future left.

When he’s ordered to attend a celebration for the safe return of the Diamond Warband, all he wants to do is catch a glimpse of Valodym, Captain of the warband and the dwarf he still loves. Just to make sure that Valodym has returned safely from the mission that many considered suicidal.

Valodym though? Is not the kind of dwarf who gives up so easily, especially not when there’s something worth fighting for. Like Elin, their happiness, and their future.

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“Your presence is requested, Your Highness,” the page stuttered. “By the King. At the feast…”

Looking thoroughly horrified, the young dwarf trailed off, then took a deep breath. He hesitated for a moment, his brows drawing together while he tugged at the edge of his green tunic. Then he started again, slower this time, his gaze fixed on some spot behind Elin. “His Majesty, King Eresin IV, requests your presence at tonight’s feast to celebrate the safe return and the success of the Diamond Warband, Your Highness.” (more…)

Rough Care (Rough Games #2)

Rough Care KopieAfter a few taxing weeks undercover, Detective Bran Keller needs some special care to reconnect with who he really is. He needs to let go and re-learn how to trust again.

His lover Derrick is willing to help him out and takes him down—hard. Is Bran’s trust in Derrick strong enough? Will the pain of being spanked hard and then whipped be enough for Bran? Or does he need something more?

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For a long moment, Bran Keller stared at the door to the apartment he shared with his lover, Derrick. He pressed the flat of his hand against the smooth surface and inhaled deeply—once, twice, three times. (more…)

Rough Trade (Rough Games #1)

RoughTradeV03The hooker looks like rough trade, but Detective Derrick Rasmussen is used to dealing with tougher guys. He knows exactly how to put a hot piece of ass like that into place.
Teaching the hooker a lesson in humility is something Derrick is going to enjoy a lot. But Bran, the hooker, has a surprise or two up his sleeve–like his inability to stick to a plan.

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Currently also available as Kindle Unlimited.



Derrick knew the hustler was rough trade the moment he saw him. As a detective, he’d dealt with his share of hustlers and hookers often enough—from the lost children looking for affection and a home, to the jaded women and men working the streets, all the way to the high-priced, sometimes influential escorts—to know what was what.
The hooker was tall and lean. Maybe a few inches taller than Derrick, who wasn’t exactly a small man himself. Tight green t-shirt, worn jeans, and boots. A tattoo on his right arm, disappearing into the sleeve of his shirt. Tough-boy image.

A strategic fig leaf flew by


Wellington Monument, London

While going through my photos I came across these ones from my last trip to London. It’s the Wellington Monument in Hyde Park. Somehow they crack me up every time I look at them, just like the memorial did when I stood in front of it.

The statue is supposed to be Achilles, the tragic hero of the Trojan War. According to Wikipedia the statue was actually made out of the melted down metal of captured enemy canons. I’m all for that. I prefer statues of almost nude males to canons. It was also financed by donations from British women.

The thing that cracked me up though was the statue itself. Powerful male, muscles bulging, with shield, sword and cloak, his actual armor stacked neatly next to his feet, ready to fight and…with a very strategically placed fig leaf that probably flew buy at just this moment and attached itself just so (some of the pubic hair is visible though). I wonder if the British women who donated money were disappointed by that sneaky little leaf?

And of course since it’s an (almost) nude statue that was erected in the early 19th century, it led to controversy. Who’s surprised by that?

Still, I liked it and if you’re ever in that corner of Hyde Park, drop by and take a look.


Achilles3 Achilles2

Some ramblings and some stunning male redheads

I’m current trying to multi-task by working on my website and getting it up and running and filled with some content, blogging, trying to work on the edits of my fantasy-novella (hot dwarves in love!), writing another story (companion piece to Rough Trade), trying to make sense of my ideas and notes for a paranormal romance novella that might try to become a novel and somewhere in between all of that there’s this weird idea that maybe I should try to have something called a private life and actually leave my apartment and meet people.

Well, I do plan to see Guardian of the Galaxy next week, so there’s that. Unfortunately it will be the German dubbing :-(, but the only English showing was on Sunday at 10 pm. Really, who comes up with this kind of idiotic programm planning, especially considering that the English showing of Avengers and Ironman 3 (both at 8 pm on a Monday) were sold out and people complained because they were sold out? So there is an audience for English showings. Oh well, German dubbing it is. Okay, I would have tried to make the Sunday showing, but I’m going with a friend who’s English isn’t very firm, so German dubbing it is. And ice-cream. Or ice-coffee. Have I ever mentioned how much I love ice-coffee?

This showed up on my timeline today and I wanted to share. I don’t know about you, but I love redheads, male and female. My first love was a redhead (female). And I had a masisve girl-crush on the young Brigitte Nielsen. And there was this really cute redheaded Viking in The 13th Warrior. Long, cupper curls. Guh ;-). And the Weasley Twins.

Stunning Photos challenge society’s stereotypes of male readheads

The exhibit in New York opens this week and why am I not in New York? RED HOT

I am somewhat tempted by the 2015 calendar. Because O.M.G. HOT!!!! 😀 And for a good cause.

See for yourself: